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Ben and Rich have been producing Our Week In Video since early 2015 and in that time they have amassed quite the following on iTunes and social media platforms. What they are seeking is to to secure the shows future, and make sure it strives ahead as being one of the best learning platforms around for working videographers. To help their listeners learn Ben and Rich need to understand the best options in tech and services available to them. Because of this they need help from selected sponsors so they can road-test your fantastic products and services so they can enlighten there thousands of listeners across the globe.

Through the podcast you have the opportunity to directly market your product or service to videographers and photographers around the world with their help in a non-sales style advert. Ben and Rich are infamous for their 'water-cooler' style approach and this will reflect in the way they talk about your product and service. Which they feel is the best way to sell anything.


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