Freelance Videographer

We can offer the widest of options for you, whilst we are a full service production company, pulling in individuals in from different areas where they excel. We can offer you flexibility in crew size and in-turn, be cost effective. Bruton-Cox Visuals is at it's core a husband and wife team, Ben is the filmmaker and producer and Molly organises Ben and liaises with the clients to get the best out of the project. Freelance Videography with us can be very cost effective and be truly inspiring to your project. However, Ben is perfectly adept to being the camera guy, the Director, the audio technician and the editor. Whatever your project needs we have you covered. 

Video Production Crew

As a full-service company, Bruton-Cox Visuals offers a wide range of specialist video production services. That being said, we are not a restaurant with a menu from which you can only order what is listed. No, we work with you to create custom solutions for your video production needs. This way, you walk away with a product that captures your image, personality and intended message. We can film 4k and in UK Broadcast Standards. 

Stunning 4k Aerial Photography & Videography

When you want to capture the scale of a venue, the size of a scaled area, it’s about seeing what a bird would see. Unfortunately, not everyone has a quadcopter and a state-of-the-art camera setup (which records stunning 4k video) with which they can elevate off into the sky. But do you know who does? (Clue: we do.) In partnership with Whirlybird Imaging we can offer beautiful 4k aerial videography and HDR photography.