We were asked by the Gloucestershire Constabulary to film their annual Open Day for a second time. Here is the video.

Continuing our work with Gloucestershire Constabulary we were asked to create a social media video for use on all their streams, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So with that in mind we knew we needed to create a fast video full of attention grabbing detail and energy. We used the Sony FS5 and DJI Ronin on most of these shots to get the best quality of visuals and smoothness from the footage. As we are a freelance videography company, based in Gloucester we know what is best for the client and the combination of the Sony FS5 and DJI Ronin would be best for this job. We also got a few shots with the Canon C100mkii on a long lens for the simulated dog attack not he new Chief Constable Rod Hansen - a tradition that we look forward to capturing again at the events in the future. 

So with all the footage in the can, we brought out our very powerful, yet portable 2017 MacBook Pro and uploaded the footage into Final Cut Pro. We already had a variety of music tracks downloaded from the life saving music license site called Soundstripe - who we work with regularly too and within four hours from us pressing record for the first time on-site to the video being uploaded onto their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds the video was live and as of the time of writing this blog they have had over 17,000 plays. RESULT!