We have the honour of filming for a large food company every month in front of a green-screen studio where we show off their efforts across their international business. This video is hosted by a member of their own international team and every month they change who it is. This month, as the company is very closely affiliated with the 'Emoji Movie' they wanted to show off to each member of their company what they were doing to promote their products. We also use subtitles so it is accessable for as many of their employees as we can.

So how do we capture this. Well its a fairly kit heavy procedure. Obviously we need a huge green screen, which is 12ft x 8ft, this needs to be lit so we use two high-end kino-flow lights dedicated to lighting this screen. We then use an Atomos Ninja Blade to capture a 10-bit signal from a Canon C100mkii video using this external recorder. This monitor also has a very handy feature called 'false-colour', which is great to see any hot or cold spots that the lights are casting on the green screen. We also have a professional boom microphone over the talent and a big 'X' on the floor so they stay in that location. I feel its better using this boom microphone than a traditional cavalier microphone as the talent just has to stay in one location and i don't have to have the sometimes slightly awkward issue of where to place the microphone, especially in the Summer time with ladies, they wear dresses so there is literally no-where to clip on a lapel mic and a transmitter/recorder. I then light the talent, using two Pixapro 100D's with soft boxes and another light attached onto the green screen frame to give them a little light on their hair, so it separates the talent from the background. Of course this setup always requires an autocue so we use an iPad and a reflective autocue system where the camera lies and i watch the footage and move the autocue to suit the talent. Simple really!