We were utterly thrilled to be asked to film a sizzle film for the Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteer Awards 2017.

Filming award ceremonies are slightly tricky as, to make the best and most thorough, the whole award ceremony needs to be filmed in its entirety. So that means lots of cameras and lots of audio sources. The event was just for an hour but filming with four cameras and three audio sources mean there was 7 hours of footage going into the edit.

No matter though, as i already knew my plan for the video. I knew it was going to be used on the social platforms for the Gloucester Constabulary, so a 1 minute high energy video was needed. So lots of movement was the on the cards. We also brought along our own studios lights as unfortunately there was no staging or anything to highlight the area. We used a couple of 1km studio lights (very bright) and soon hoisted them up and switched them on. There was also a projector for the day too, and the AV technician was concerned about my lights spilling over onto the screen, but we brought along shoots, so we could direct the light to about a 6ft wide pillar of light to give the presenters a little bit of lighting.

We chose to use soundbites from the presenters as the awards were read out and also getting their reaction as they accepted their awards. A formula was planned, and a film was edited within 12 hours.