Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteer Awards 2017

We were utterly thrilled to be asked to film a sizzle film for the Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteer Awards 2017.

Filming award ceremonies are slightly tricky as, to make the best and most thorough, the whole award ceremony needs to be filmed in its entirety. So that means lots of cameras and lots of audio sources. The event was just for an hour but filming with four cameras and three audio sources mean there was 7 hours of footage going into the edit.

No matter though, as i already knew my plan for the video. I knew it was going to be used on the social platforms for the Gloucester Constabulary, so a 1 minute high energy video was needed. So lots of movement was the on the cards. We also brought along our own studios lights as unfortunately there was no staging or anything to highlight the area. We used a couple of 1km studio lights (very bright) and soon hoisted them up and switched them on. There was also a projector for the day too, and the AV technician was concerned about my lights spilling over onto the screen, but we brought along shoots, so we could direct the light to about a 6ft wide pillar of light to give the presenters a little bit of lighting.

We chose to use soundbites from the presenters as the awards were read out and also getting their reaction as they accepted their awards. A formula was planned, and a film was edited within 12 hours.


Gloucestershire Constabulary Open Day 2017

We were asked by the Gloucestershire Constabulary to film their annual Open Day for a second time. Here is the video.

Continuing our work with Gloucestershire Constabulary we were asked to create a social media video for use on all their streams, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So with that in mind we knew we needed to create a fast video full of attention grabbing detail and energy. We used the Sony FS5 and DJI Ronin on most of these shots to get the best quality of visuals and smoothness from the footage. As we are a freelance videography company, based in Gloucester we know what is best for the client and the combination of the Sony FS5 and DJI Ronin would be best for this job. We also got a few shots with the Canon C100mkii on a long lens for the simulated dog attack not he new Chief Constable Rod Hansen - a tradition that we look forward to capturing again at the events in the future. 

So with all the footage in the can, we brought out our very powerful, yet portable 2017 MacBook Pro and uploaded the footage into Final Cut Pro. We already had a variety of music tracks downloaded from the life saving music license site called Soundstripe - who we work with regularly too and within four hours from us pressing record for the first time on-site to the video being uploaded onto their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds the video was live and as of the time of writing this blog they have had over 17,000 plays. RESULT!


Unique Freelance Filmmaker Event

In order to celebrate our 100th podcast event held at Barnsley House, near Bibury. We decided to throw a party and also learn a few things from the most talented individuals out there. So we thought we would host a unique filmmaker event where all types of video production were celebrated and spoken about in cinema in the heart of the Cotswolds. 

We wanted to cover as many aspects of video production as we could, so we wanted a wedding filmmaker in Daniel Armitage from Shoot me Now Films, an Independent Film Director so we chose Douglas Ray to say a few words, we then wanted to get someone to talk about Drones and all things aerial, so who better than Stewart and Alina from Drone Film Guide. Then during lunch we thought, lets have a bit of fun with a slow motion booth, so who better to come along than Jonathan Warner with his Sony FS700 and Odessey 7Q to film 240fps in 4k. Post lunch we also wanted a talk from a travel vlogger, so I thought of my favourite YouTube personality, Joe Allam and then to cap it all off, we wanted someone who could talk about colour, so who better than international wedding filmmaker Gione Da Silva.  

Here are a few photos of behind the scenes from our event.

Mobile Green Screen - Internal Newsletter Video

Mobile Green Screen - Internal Newsletter Video

We have the honour of filming for a large food company every month in front of a green-screen studio where we show off their efforts across their international business. This video is hosted by a member of their own international team and every month they change who it is. This month, as the company is very closely affiliated with the 'Emoji Movie' they wanted to show off to each member of their company what they were doing to promote their products. We also use subtitles so it is accessable for as many of their employees as we can.

So how do we capture this. Well its a fairly kit heavy procedure. Obviously we need a huge green screen, which is 12ft x 8ft, this needs to be lit so we use two high-end kino-flow lights dedicated to lighting this screen. We then use an Atomos Ninja Blade to capture a 10-bit signal from a Canon C100mkii video using this external recorder. This monitor also has a very handy feature called 'false-colour', which is great to see any hot or cold spots that the lights are casting on the green screen. We also have a professional boom microphone over the talent and a big 'X' on the floor so they stay in that location. I feel its better using this boom microphone than a traditional cavalier microphone as the talent just has to stay in one location and i don't have to have the sometimes slightly awkward issue of where to place the microphone, especially in the Summer time with ladies, they wear dresses so there is literally no-where to clip on a lapel mic and a transmitter/recorder. I then light the talent, using two Pixapro 100D's with soft boxes and another light attached onto the green screen frame to give them a little light on their hair, so it separates the talent from the background. Of course this setup always requires an autocue so we use an iPad and a reflective autocue system where the camera lies and i watch the footage and move the autocue to suit the talent. Simple really!

Passing Out Parade - Gloucestershire Constabulary

Its always an honour to be asked to film a formal occasion, especially one for the Gloucestershire Constabulary. Congratulations to all who graduated, it was a very emotional day for family, friends and colleague. We managed to interview a couple of the graduated and the Deputy Chief Constable. 

Technically we use the trusty Canon C100mkii with, primarily the 70-200mm f2.8 IS II lens to get those long shots. We used the best quality professional boom microphone on the camera itself with its wonderful XLR inputs so the audio is crisp at at every level. 

Interestingly as the new policemen and women is used the C100mkiii's wonderful autofocus abilities to capture the troops as they walked 200 meters or more and the lens and camera were in complete harmony with each other. Something only native cameras and lenses can do almost perfectly. Yes there are exceptions but this is my general rule of thumb.


Primary Camera

Whole Foods Market - Schools To Market Campaign 2017


Whole Foods Market - Schools To Market Campaign 2017

Whole Foods Market asked us to return and film their latest School to Market campaign for 2017

We had a wonderful time as we were asked to film a number of school children running around as they gathered fruit and vegetables to create chutneys at the wonderful Crockbridge Farm. Aqua Carpatica have sponsored the campaign for three years, which is a phenomenal feat. They obviously believe in this campaign fully and we are delighted to be capturing the journey over this time.

Here is the Main 1 minute edit featuring Whole Foods Market and Aqua Carpatica designed for Instagram and Facebook

Because of the nature of this shoot, we went very 'run-and-gun', meaning a very light rig. So instead of using our Cinema line production cameras we used the Sony a7sii and Sony a6500 on a gimbal. We got a couple of interviews using our wireless Senheisser microphones and the quality is amazing. Sometime we have troubles with these microphones in more built up areas, but as the farm was in a rural spot (obviously) it was easy for us to get great quality audio with the interviews.

As for the running around shots we use the small but mighty Zhiyun Crane. A gyroscopic gimbal that is perfectly weighted with a coupe of lenses the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lense. We love these lenses for the gimbal as the autofocus works really well and the results on the a6500 APS-C sensor are incredible. 

Here is Whole Foods Markets own 'sizzle' edit designed specifically for Facebook

As for the Sony a7sii, we used a Samyang 85mm T1.5 cinema lens (yes we almost always bring that lens with us) to get some of the more static shots and the interview. Why? For us, this is the perfect focal length for portrait images. Its a very fast lens too, so it allows lots of separation from the subject to the background. Plus its a cinema lens, which means its colours, sharpness and contrast are at the top of the spectrum.


Prue Leith and The Children's Food Trust

Prue Leith and The Children's Food Trust

We were asked to film for The Children's Food Trust as Prue Leith attended the launch for The Trusts new campaign. 

The campaign focuses around parents and children preparing and cooking food in order for them to learn the values of eating healthily. 

We performed two interviews with Prue and using the Canon C100mkii's and a Sony a7sii along with professional audio and lighting. It was our first outing for our newest lights, the Fotodiox Flapjax 700 series. These lights are dual colour, 3200k - 5600k. We always prefer the clean look at 5600k but its nice to have the flexibility of Tungsten (3200k) on a shoot every now and again.

We then filmed the children as they learnt to peel and chop vegetables in a safe way. Prue then allowed the children to cook a stir-fry and create fresh fruit yogurt with lots of berries, mango and bananas with toasted oats. They absolutely loved layering these items into small glasses and then of course, they hurriedly rammed then down. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we. 

Here is the main promotional video

Here is their social media Teaser video